Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below to get the Wehl details. If you have any further questions, please head to our contact us page and send them to us. 

Learn the Wehl Basics

  • What is Wehl?
    • Wehl is an all-in-one healthy lifestyle app that makes wellness easier, sustainable and more fun through healthy habit tracking, social sharing and wellness tools and tips. It’s a habit tracker meets social app that’s specific to wellness, allowing you to start, track and keep healthy habits with the daily support of your friends, colleagues and wellness practitioners. For daily inspiration, you can learn and discover holistic wellness tips and ideas, use reflection and goal setting tools, socialize with like-minded people and professionals and much more. Wehl is built to bring wellness to your tech time by not only fostering a healthy experience while “online” but also promoting a balance of “offline” time to live out your wehlness.

  • Who was Wehl created for?
    • Wehl was created for anyone who wants to take a holistic and balanced approach to wellness. It’s for those who want to get support for healthy habits while learning about wehlness and sharing with others. Wehl is geared towards those who want to prioritize natural health methods for prevention, healing and maintenance of optimal health.

      Our intention is to make Wehl as user-friendly as possible so that all ages (16+) and technical abilities can participate. A few groups that may find Wehl particularly helpful include: working professionals with sedentary jobs, busy mothers and fathers trying to raise healthy families, adults focused on healthy aging and wellness enthusiasts who can never get enough wellness support and inspiration.

      Wellness professionals interested in sharing their knowledge to help others, increasing awareness of their products/services and keeping current on the latest wellness buzz will also find great value in Wehl. Additionally, Wehl is a great tool for business owners and HR Specialists to offer to their employees to help support employee health.

  • What level of health and wellness knowledge is required to use this app?
    • We built Wehl to be accessible for everyone. There is no level of health and wellness knowledge required. All that’s required to use this platform is an intention to start healthy habits, a willingness to learn from and share with others, and a genuine goal of taking a more natural, holistic approach to improving wellness.

      We are all coming together with different levels of knowledge and expertise. The goal is to share what we learn as we go, no matter where our starting point is. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing, you can still participate by encouraging others with your comments and high-fives!

  • What inspired the name for Wehl?
    • When we decided to tackle this concept of creating a social app for health and wellness we knew we needed to find a great name that was easy to remember. We spent many hours brainstorming and came up with hundreds of ideas but many of them seemed “cheesy”, too long to remember let alone be a “dot-com” and overall, simply “not inspiring enough”.

      Sometimes things in the wellness world can feel unrealistic and not relatable to everyday life. We wanted this to be about real people living real, everyday, wellness lifestyles. We also recognized that we are all unique, and therefore wellness means different things to different people. We knew that by spelling ‘well’ differently we could symbolize that. We wanted to represent the different, holistic approach we’re taking to wellness so the ‘h’ helps us remember that pursing wellness truly is a holistic endeavor. We think of holistic wellness in terms of our body, mind & spirit, as well as our work, our environment, and our social networks – online and offline!

      After that, we took it as a sign that it was meant to be because the domain was actually available for purchase (at a somewhat elevated price but we won’t get into that) when almost every other ”dot-com” we tried was already spoken for!


  • Which devices can I use to access Wehl?
    • No downloading or version updates required. Wehl has been built to work on any phone, tablet or computer that is connected to the WWWW (wonderful world wide web). Sign up on any device and use it on any device to track your habits and share your progress. With one account you have support for your wellness anytime, anywhere. This allows Wehl to move with you throughout your busy day and supports a healthy lifestyle (including moderation in your tech time).

  • How do I add Wehl to my mobile phone?
    • Add Wehl to Mobile Home Screen: On your phone, head to If you have an iPhone and you’re using Safari, tap the Share button at the bottom center of the screen (it looks like a box with an arrow pointed up), and tap “Add to Home Screen”. If you have an Android device and you’re using Chrome, click the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner and select “Add to Home screen”.  Find more details here.

      Wehl On Desktop: You can also bookmark on your favorite browser by clicking the “star icon” right next to the address bar (usually on the right side of it) for quick access.

  • How does the Habit Tracker tool work?
    • The Habit Tracker tool is simple and easy to use. After creating your Member account, click on your “My Habits” page and choose “Start a Habit”. You can also click on the habit tracker icon on the top menu to begin. You’ll get a pop-up where you can choose from our holistic habits or create a custom habit. Add in a few more details about your habit – you might like to include a short note about “the where” and “the when” (a cue for when you’ll do your habit). Next, choose “how often” you’d like to complete your habit (daily, weekly, or monthly) and then click “Start Tracking”. You can find out more on our "How it Works" page.

  • How do I use Wehl? (i.e. The Instruction Manual for those who like to read them)
    • Use “My Habits” to:

      • Start tracking a new habit
      • Keep yourself organized and accountable by checking off your habits throughout the day or at the end of your day
      • Pause or stop a habit whenever you need to
      • Get Support – Add a “Supporter” to your team. This person will see your Habits and be able to send you encouragements to keep you motivated.
      • You can set up motivational Habit reminder emails (at varying frequencies) on your “Settings” page

      Under the “My Goals” section set your wehlness vision, goals and intentions. Take time to reflect on what each of the six wehlness components means to you.

      Check out “Discover” to:

      • Read what others have shared, learn new things, and get reminders to help you make healthy, informed choices
      • Post what’s on your mind – what your wehlness was today, your habit progress, recipes, questions, etc.
      • Share a wellness-related “Tip” to help others. Bottom line - if you found it interesting and helpful, at least one other person out there will too
      • Be inspired by the daily moments of other Wehl members. You will soon see that it can be very motivating to watch others working to complete their habits and reach their wehlness goals.
      • Meet new people and engage with others by commenting on their posts, complimenting them and encouraging them on their wellness journey – especially on the tough days
      • High five others to offer encouragement and motivation – it's an anonymous "random act of wehlness" that sends positivity and says “way to go” or “thanks, this was helpful”. Simply, click the little hand icon in the top right corner of a post or tip.
      • Favorite the tips and posts you like and want to come back to later by clicking the small star in the top right corner. You can find all of your Favorites on your “My Favorites” tab.

      Use “My Wehl” to:

      • Make posts about your habit progress and wellness moments to keep yourself accountable
      • See the posts and tips shared by only those you “Follow” and support them with comments and high-fives.
      • Share a “Tip” about a wellness related product or service to help others save money and time researching. There are so many great products out there but not enough money to try them all so let others know what works well!

      Review your “My Journey” feed to encourage yourself, assess progress and remind yourself of past habits, ideas and recipes when you need a boost.

      Head to the “My Choices” tab to select the Professionals that support your wehlness and make them your “Wehlness Choice”. Share a testimonial to give ideas to others, show your gratitude and keep yourself organized.

      Your “My Team” page will display your “Habit Supporters” (who supports you) and your “Habit Supporting” (who you are supporting). For PRO members, it’s also a place to add “Colleagues” (those you work with) and your “Professional Referrals” (people from different locations or disciplines that you refer clients or others too). It’s a place to recognize and support each other on the mission to improve wellness.

      Use the “Search” to:

      • Find out more about a wellness topic, interest, activity, or goal. Type it in (with or without a hashtag) and see what others are saying about it.
        • Look up a fellow member or professional to learn more about them. On a profile, click Follow to add the member to your “My Wehl” Following feed.

      Don’t forget to edit your “My Profile” to share a photo and some info about yourself so that others can get to know you

  • What are Tips?
    • Tips are any short bit of wellness-related information that you have found helpful and that you think others will too. Tips are meant to help as many people as possible.

      By summarizing what we have learned from our research and experiences, we can help others and hopefully save them time and effort too. If applicable, it is helpful to source your tips and/or provide a link so that someone else can read more if they want to (and if they have time to!)

      Tips can relate to any of the six components of wehlness. They might be:

      • A helpful ‘nugget’ of information you have learned from reading an online article or book or from a friend or wellness professional
      • A definition or fact
      • An experience which you think will inspire others (e.g. a healthy restaurant, café, store, fitness facility, vacation, retreat, wellness-related event, family activity, etc.)
      • A product / service you use and would recommend others look into to see if it might be right for them

  • What are High-Fives and are they anonymous?
    • High-Fives are our “random act of wehlness” on Wehl. They send “Wehl LOVE” and virtual positivity and simply say “way to go” or “thanks, this was helpful” to a fellow Wehl member. And yes, they’re completely anonymous so you don’t have to give them out of guilt or obligation, but simply out of general care and appreciation for others. After all, giving to others is what social wehlness is all about. You can literally watch your “heart” fill up and it will contribute to our overall “Wehl LOVE” count. So, go ahead and give a “High-Five” – click the little hand icon in the top right corner of a post or tip. You can also send a “High-Five” to someone whose Habits you are “Supporting” to encourage them in their progress.

  • How do I categorize my tips and posts using the six components of wehlness (i.e. Body, Mind, Spiritual, Work, Enviro, Social)?
    • Categorizing your tips using the six kinds of wehlness encourages mindfulness. It will also help all of us find the information that we need faster and easier. Sometimes we need some inspiration and encouragement in a certain area of wehlness and this helps us get to it exactly when we need it.

      To categorize your tip or post, click on the corresponding wehlness kind icon from the list that appears at the bottom of the post box. It will highlight in blue and white. Sometimes more than one will apply, so go ahead and click each of them. Categorizing is not required but it is a useful and fun feature to take advantage of.

  • What are hashtags and how do I use them?
    • Hashtags (#) are a symbol used in front of a word, or a series of words (with no spaces between them), that help categorize information and allow others to easily pull up all of the content that uses that particular word or series of words. 

      For example, if you found a great gluten-free bakery in your town that you love why not share a tip with the details? Simply type a hashtag in front of a keyword or 2 (e.g. #GlutenFree #Toronto) so others can try it out too.

      We encourage you to “Hashtag”: 

      • Who might be interested (e.g. #Vegan)
      • Location (e.g. #Seattle)
      • Topic (e.g. #Posture)
      • Products and Product Categories (e.g. #Skincare)
      • Wellness Professionals (e.g. #Chiropractor)

      Hashtags can be used to see all the posts made on the same topic. Click the hashtag in a post or tip to see a list of all the posts and tips that also use that particular hashtag. You can search for a hashtag in the search bar at the top of the screen.

  • What are Wehlness "Choices"?
    • Wehlness Choices are the Professionals (and the services/products) that you choose to support your wehlness. They are testimonials of your experience and Choices that you recommend others consider to support their wehlness. By sharing our Wehlness Choices, we can help each other find effective supports for wehlness. We can also show our support and gratitude to our Professionals for their expertise and efforts to help people heal and live healthy.

  • How do I add someone to my Wehlness "Choices"?
    • To add someone as a Wehlness Choice, you need to first be “Following” the Member PRO you wish to add. (If you need help learning how to “Follow” someone, please see Q&A below.) Once you’re Following the Member PRO, head to your “My Profile” option on the dropdown menu and then to your “My Choices” tab. Here you’ll be able to select the “Professionals that support my wellness”. Choose the Member PRO from the list and include a short description (i.e. Testimonial) of your personal experience with them, why you choose them and how they have helped your wehlness.

  • How do I “Follow” someone?
    • To “Follow” a Member or Member PRO, first click on their profile (either from the “Discover” feed or from the “Search” field). On their profile, you will see the “Follow” button directly beside their name in green. By clicking “Follow”, you will see what they share directly in your “My Wehl” feed. (Note: You also need to “Follow” someone before you can add them to your “Wehlness Choices” or “Wehlness Team”.)

  • How do I add someone to my Wehlness "Team"? How do I add a "Habit Supporter"?
    • To add a Member or Member PRO to your Wehlness Team, you will need to be “Following” them.  (If you need help learning how to “Follow” someone, please see Q&A above.)

      As a Member or Member PRO you can add a “Habit Supporter” to your “Wehlness Team” to encourage you in your Habit progress. Once you’re Following a fellow Member or Member PRO, you can add them as a “Habit Supporter” directly from your “My Habits” page. Click the “Get Support” button and choose them from your Following list that will display.  They will then appear on your “My Team” page. (This action can also be initiated from the “My Team” page).

      If you’re a Member PRO, you have additional “Teams” that can be added – a “Colleague” team to recognize those you work with and a “Professional Referral” team to showcase those that you refer clients to and support their business. Adding these two additional types of Teams is the same process described above but can only be initiated from your “My Team” page. Make sure you “Follow” the Member PRO (they must also be a PRO for these team types) you’d like to add. Then, click to your “My Team” tab. Next choose the “Build my Team” button where you will first choose the “Team Type”, followed by the Member, and finish up by clicking “Submit”.

  • How do I change my email notifications settings?
    • When logged in, head to the “Settings” tab on the dropdown menu. Here you can “check” or “uncheck” any events that you do not want to receive an email notification about. You can also adjust the frequency of your Habit Reminder emails here too.

  • I forgot my password; How do I reset my password?
    • Head to on any device. Click the “Login” button at the top right corner. Here you’ll see a blue “Forgot your Password?” button. Choose this, enter your email address and follow the sequence of steps to reset your password.

Content on Wehl

  • Can I consider Wehl content to be medical advice?
    • No, none of the content on Wehl can be considered medical advice. We hope this platform will provide you with inspiration, support and information to help you make informed wellness decisions. There will be a variety of sources and levels of expertise providing information on the app – quality information is important to us but we can’t control it. Wehl will help you learn but you need to use your judgement when it comes to applying it or not applying it. Reflect on how the content relates to you, do more research, advocate for yourself and consult your Health and Wellness Professionals via an individual appointment to help you decide if you should incorporate it into your own life.

      In addition, please refrain from asking for individual medical advice. Professionals on Wehl cannot offer specific advice for your conditions. Find their website via their Profile and book an appointment with them where they can do a holistic health intake to comprehensively understand your issues and needs first, allowing them to prescribe a safe, individualized protocol for you.

      For more information, please check out our Terms of Use.

  • Can I use Wehl to advertise and promote my business services or products?
    • The short answer – yes, if you’re a Wehl for Business PRO Member.

      After much research and consultation with various stakeholders (e.g. potential and early members, wellness professionals and organizations), not to mention the hours of designing and coding, we created a Wehl for Business PRO account which allows the promotion of products and/or services! In addition to promotion, these special, upgraded accounts have many valuable features to allow PRO members to showcase their impact and receive support from other Wehl members.

      It’s worth noting that we were cautious as we integrated these accounts into the Wehl app because we wanted to ensure that we always stay true to our mission of supporting and empowering individuals to take control of their wehlness. We recognized that wellness-related services and products can and do play an important role in wellness and we wanted to ensure that these accounts would bring value to professionals and business owners as well as to other members and guests.

      As a community of wellness professionals and business owners, we’re committed to purposefully using social time on Wehl to “Inspire Wehlness first” – prioritizing the sharing of Tips and content that will inform, inspire and encourage people on their real-life wehlness journeys. For more about the use of Wehl for Business PRO accounts, please refer to our please refer to our Community Manifesto and our Terms of Use.

      Please note: Wehl is not a place for advertising, selling or promoting Multi-level Marketing (MLM) or Pharmaceutical products/services. They have their time and place, it’s just not here. For more information, please read our Terms of Use or contact us if you have any questions.

  • What is appropriate to share on Wehl?
    • Wehl is a healthy lifestyle app meant to enhance the health and wellness of members and therefore we hope that all content will do so. We hope that each time you use Wehl you will find content that will make you feel happy, healthy, and inspired - not content that takes away from your wellness and brings negativity into your day. That doesn’t mean we pretend that “life is all flowers and rainbows”, we just use good judgement and think about how our content may affect others.   

      Please remember, we are gearing this app towards all demographics and encourage diversity in what wellness means to each member. In other words, please keep your content PG and be respectful of diverse values and approaches; that way, we will all be happy and wehl. After all, we are all just trying to live healthy, purposeful lives - regardless of our differences.

      For more information about what Wehl is for and not for, please refer to our Community Manifesto.

  • What should I post about?
    • Wehl is a place to share our daily wellness - always with the intention of either inspiring ourselves in our own unique wellness journey or inspiring our fellow community members on their journey, hopefully it’s both! Post about your habit progress, a wellness moment from the day or week, ask a question, or share a “Tip” – something you’ve found helpful and think others will too.  For more specific ideas, check out our handy “What to Share?” article here.

  • If I see inappropriate content on Wehl, what should I do?
    • We really hope that you don’t have to see inappropriate content on Wehl but, if you do, we suggest you use the Contact Us email form to tell us. We are hoping that it won’t be an issue as we are a niche app focused on wellness, self-improvement and helping others while respecting our diversity. Providing a positive member experience is a top priority for us!

  • Which content is public and which content is private?
    • The Habit icons and general status of your “My Habits” is visible on your profile page (right next to your profile photo). The specifics of your Habits however are only visible to you and whomever you choose to add as a “Habit Supporter” to your “Team”.

      In terms of the content (posts, tips, comments) on Wehl, most of it may be visible to all signed-in Members and PRO Members. By sharing our posts and tips we can help others, keep ourselves accountable and get the support that research proves is essential to successfully realizing our wellness vision and achieving our goals. All posts and tips shared on Wehl are in the “Everyone” feed on “Discover” while those that “Follow” you will see your content in their “My Wehl” feed. Guests can see “Wehl Selections” which is mostly composed of PRO Member content.

      In addition, the content under “My Profile”, including “My Goals” and “My Wehlness Choices”, is also visible to signed-in Members and PRO Members. The content under the “About Me” and “Connect with Me” sections have options to click if you would like to make a section private.

  • Does Wehl sell data or disclose my personal info/contact details to outside parties?
    • Absolutely not. Unlike many other tech platforms (especially if it’s free) where you are the “product”, we do not believe that is a socially-conscious way to do business. We take your privacy seriously and do not collect data to bombard you with ads or a slew of other sneaky business practices. Just relax here and enjoy knowing that we are committed to building a wellness company with true wellness values.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

Wehl Memberships

  • How do I use a discount code?
    • Head to on any device and click “Sign up”. Follow the steps to create your username and password. When you get to the payment screen, enter your code in the box entitled “Promo Code”.  If the code is valid, you will see the discount appear.

      Discount codes are offered through Wehl partners including health and wellness practitioners and employers. Wehl also periodically provides discount codes for Wehl Members to give to their friends and family.

  • How do I check the status of my membership?
    • To check the status of your membership start by logging in to Wehl on any device. Head to the “Settings” tab on the dropdown menu. Here you’ll be able to see your current enrollment profile type (i.e. Member or PRO Member) along with the auto-renew date. Your billing info will also display and you can update your credit card as needed. You can also cancel your subscription anytime here too.

  • Will my membership auto-renew?
    • Yes, our subscriptions do auto-renew but we make sure that it isn’t a surprise. We will send you an email 30 days prior to remind you. If you do not wish to continue with your upgrade, simply log into your Wehl account, click on “Settings” and click the “Cancel Subscription” button.

  • How do I purchase Wehl Member accounts for my employees?
    • Excellent question! Wehl makes a unique, holistic addition to your employee wellness program and offerings. Your employees will not only get support for starting and keeping wehlness habits, they’ll also get access to high-quality tips and information from diverse professionals including Naturopathic Doctors, Holistic Nutritionists, Trainers and more. Most of all, they’ll get to connect with colleagues, family, friends and other like-minded people for support anytime, anywhere. Send us an email at [email protected]. We would love to learn more about your workplace and share how Wehl can contribute to healthier, happier employees!

Wehl for Business PRO Accounts

  • Who is the Wehl for Business PRO account for?
    • Our professional profile upgrade is intended for any health and wellness professionals and business owners who offer services and/or products that enhance the health and wehlness (body, mind, spiritual, work, enviro, social) of individuals. 

      The PRO Member accounts are for those who believe in the power of social support for sustaining healthy habits and living a healthy lifestyle. Professionals that want to recommend an all-in-one healthy lifestyle app with invaluable social support for their clients/customers in between their appointments/interactions are encouraged to recommend Wehl. Together, we will collectively make a health impact and help prevent much illness and disease in our world.

  • What does the Professional upgrade include?
    • We’ve built the Wehl for Business PRO account to help you showcase your unique expertise and support your business endeavors. We’re all on the same team here with the same overall mission of helping people live healthier. You’ve got quality products and services that do just that so we want to make reaching current and prospective clients/customers easier for you. The best part is it’s on a platform that is built to support moderation in not only their time online but also yours! No need to work harder, Wehl helps you work smarter, supporting your work-life balance.

      Unique features and benefits of the PRO account include:

      • Advertising & Brand Awareness – Having an upgraded PRO account means you’re able to use Wehl to promote your business specifically to a collection of individuals highly motivated to improve and maintain their health.
      • Prioritized content – It’s about quality over quantity here. We want to get high-quality, research-based content out to help our Members with their wehlness so we prioritize your content in our feeds, Search function and newsletters. You also get a unique PRO badge on your profile to help set you apart as an expert in the wellness field. You don’t have to stress about constant posting to get seen – not only does your content stick around but we also “re-use” here so your hard work prepping a post goes further.
      • A unique service for your clients/customers – Connect with clients/customers on Wehl to support them with their wehlness habits. They’ll be even more engaged and invested in their appointments with you and they’ll make even more progress, leading to greater client satisfaction.
      • Share your wellness impact – A Wehl professional account profile encourages you to showcase not only your wellness (an awesome opportunity to be a role model and show that you practice what you preach) but also “why and how” you help others improve their wellness, giving potential clients a chance to understand you better.
      • Give and Receive - You’ll get the opportunity to offer a unique “Special Offer” or discount to Wehl members to show your support for their wehlness journey. Members have the opportunity to add you to their “Wehlness Choices” – it’s a testimonial recognizing your expertise and efforts to help people heal and live healthy.
      • Relational Connectivity – The Professional account encourages Teamwork and collaboration in the field of health and wellness. Add your “Colleagues” and your “Professional Referrals” to recognize others that also work hard to help improve the wehlness of others.
      • Support your own Wehlness Habits – Running a health practice or wellness business is hard not to mention time and energy-consuming. You get to make use of our Habit Tracker to help keep you on track amidst all your competing priorities in a day.
      • Inspire Wehlness and Spread Good – Network, meet others, and find like-minded professionals to collaborate with on your mission to help improve the health of others and the planet.

Get Involved

  • Where can I provide my feedback about Wehl?
    • We are SO glad you asked! Head to our Contact Us page anytime to fill in the email form with your ideas. You can also provide feedback via email ([email protected]) and periodically through member surveys and interviews.

      We are building this healthy lifestyle app so that you can improve your wellness. Our goal is to listen to you, our member, and build this based on community suggestions, needs and pursuits. We need you to tell us how to improve Wehl and make it work for your balanced, wehlness lifestyle.

  • Can we collaborate?
    • We love partnerships with professionals and companies that share our values. Let’s chat about what you have in mind and make a plan. Send us an email at [email protected].

  • How can I help further the Wehl mission and help others improve their wellness?
    • We’re so happy that you are interested in helping Wehl and others! By participating on Wehl, encouraging others in their Habit progress and sharing your Tips and posts, you will be helping others. Please tell those that you know, who are interested in getting support for healthy habits and improving their wellness, about Wehl. You can also help by providing your feedback to us via email ([email protected]). Thanks in advance!

      If you are interested in sharing your talents with us, send us an email and tell us about how you would like to get involved! We love working with people who share our mission and are passionate about wellness. 

      P.S. Just so you know, we want Wehl to encourage you to inspire wehlness and spread good offline too! The opportunities are endless!