Our Purpose

Wehl exists to inspire wellness and spread good.

Our Wehl


We're a social community of people who passionately and purposefully want to take a more natural, holistic and balanced approach to improving our wellness and want to help others improve too. We’re a group of everyday real people, enthusiasts, professionals and organizations who are here to support and inspire each other on our wellness journeys. Together, we want to make an impact and spread good! 

Our Mission

Together, we use the power of social support to inspire each other to reach our fullest wehlness potential, enabling us to live purposeful lives that spread good.

Our Mantra: Inspire Wehlness. Spread Good. Together.

Our Vision

More Wehlness. More Good.

At Wehl, we love to work hard to accomplish big dreams, we think positively no matter what and we choose to believe that this big dream will be our not-so-distant future reality.

Wehl will be a daily support and catalyst for more wehlness. When we have more wehlness, we set the stage for more purposeful living which will collectively create more good.

Simply – More Wehlness. More Good.

Spread Good

We’re certain that some part of all of us, big or small, wants to spread good, help others, give back, pay it forward, change the world and make our life count! This is a lot easier to do when we have each other. 

We believe we can come together to purposefully make good grow. Call it the ripple effect, the domino effect or the snowball rolling down the hill, the fact is that when we each do little acts of goodness daily they add up and motivate us to do more. Together, we create a force that spreads more good than we ever thought possible! Slowly it is no longer a fantasy, a quote, or a wishful thought; it’s a reality that sees more good flourishing and in turn makes more wehlness. A beautiful cycle.

Good doesn’t have to be grand – it can be, but it can also be simple and seemingly ordinary. Spreading good and helping others is all part of wellness (particularly social wehlness) and the awesome thing about that is that when we each give to others we’re actually improving our own wellness too!

Spread Good Together

Together as a community, we want to spread a lot of good. There are countless ways we can do this! 

Through the encouragement and support we provide to fellow members of our social community

Through our own purposeful living at home, work, in our neighbourhoods and wherever life takes us

By donating 12% of our profits to help others & the planet


12% for Good

Your support of the Wehl community helps us give back. We donate 12% of profits to local and international organizations and projects that bring wehlness to people in need and the planet. We aim to support initiatives in each of six kinds of wehlness: Body, Mind, Spiritual, Work, Enviro, and Social.

Our Current Project

Our current project supports wellness and education for girls in Kenya.

For updates on this project and others, please check out our blog.

Business for Good

Certified B Corporation status has been granted to us by the non-profit B Lab. This status shows that we are committed to using our business as a force for good. B Corp™ Certification has been called by Inc. "the highest standard for socially responsible businesses." B Corps™ are certified to be better for people, communities, and the environment.  

As a B Corp, we believe companies in all sectors should be mindfully operating to “do no harm and benefit all” and that technology should be no different.  We encourage you to join the B Corp movement -- by buying from, working for and doing business with B Corps, you vote for what you believe in. With Wehl, you can now vote with your online social time too! Read more here.

Membership in 1 % for the Planet means that we donate a minimum of 1 % of sales to support environmental initiatives. Environmental (Enviro) wehlness is one of the six kinds of wehlness. As our health and the health of our planet are intertwined, we aim to be good stewards of this Earth.