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It's optional but we all know "the buddy system" makes you more successful. Invite your friends and wellness practitioners to see your habits and send you encouragements.

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There's much more to do on Wehl including:

  • Set up motivational habit reminder emails
  • Use our reflection tool to create your wehlness vision, goals and intentions
  • Customize your own personal wellness inspiration by following, favoriting and searching for the info and answers you need

What kinds of Habits can I track on Wehl?

Choose from our holistic options or customize your own.


Brain Health

Stress Management


Gut Health


Sustainable Choices


And more…

Get wellness tips from Professionals.

Enjoy real-life inspiration from people just like you.

Tips make wellness easier.

Short bits of info that you find helpful
and may be helpful to others.

Posts inspire you and others.

Your wellness habits, moments,
thoughts and experiments

How is Wehl unique?


No artificial ingredients here - no bots, algorithms, data tracking or ads. Just real people growing naturally and embracing their imperfections, together. Wehl was built specifically for practical, real-life wellness. Wehl facilitates a holistic approach because it's the real, innate way we were made and you simply can't have optimal wellbeing without it.


Just like toxic environments aren't good for us to live or work in, a toxic social environment is also harmful. Negative attitudes and emotions contribute to illness. We are meant to thrive in places of cooperation and respect. No comparing, just caring. Wellness is our community culture.


We care about what's going on in our online and offline environments, the people around us, the way we operate and the businesses we support. We're not perfect, but we try to make responsible choices in our business and marketing strategy. We believe in business that functions as a force for good.


Moderation is a key wellness principle and we're bringing it to social time. No sneaky features or tricks to keep you addicted. Wehl is built to promote a healthy relationship with technology. Check in to share and get encouragement, then go live out your wellness!


Be mindful and aware of your wellness. Our wehlness habit tracking and mindful sharing tools help you to stop, reflect, and express what wellness means to you. Share the past, present and future. Live in the moment!


Experience feelings of calm, not overstimulation. We work hard to create a minimalistic, relaxing experience that gives you the necessities and frees you from the clutter.

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