How it Works

Wehl helps you start, track and keep healthy habits to live life with less stress and more ease. It helps you stay focused on self-care and make your wellness a priority. Wehl is a practical, healthy lifestyle app built to help anyone add wehlness habits into their routine.

Our Purpose

With social support at our core, Wehl makes wellness easier, more sustainable and fun. Together, we are on a mission to inspire wellness and spread good in our world. Learn more about our purpose, mission, values, vision and "spread good projects" here.

Our Journey

The Wehl journey began from personal challenge and growth and has continued to be driven by collaboration and passion for helping others improve their health. We're building Wehl for and with our members. You can read about our journey to build Wehl here.

About Wellness

Wellness is about focusing on all of the wellness components – whatever they mean to you. At Wehl, we celebrate our differences, yet we focus on unity and support each other on our journeys. Read about wellness (a.k.a. wehlness) and learn more about each of the six components.