Our Team


Our team is passionate about creating a healthy social networking experience and contributing to social causes. While it can be difficult to merge the demands of building a technology company with wellness, we’re committed to practicing a “culture of wehlness” in our work. We try to always be mindful that work is only one component of our wehlness! You can find us working remotely in and around Toronto and meeting up in real-life as often as we can! 

The Wehl Team

Jennifer Workman
Founder, Director of Wehlness

Mark Jenkinson
Wehl Platform Designer and Developer

Kenneth Friesen
Facilitator of Good

Dr. Holly Johnston, ND
Wehl ND (Naturopathic Doctor)

Brandon Nutter
Wehl Shopify App Designer and Developer

The Extended Wehl Team

Our educators: Our educators provide quality wellness tips and information to our community and help spread the word about Wehl.

Our beta testers:  Thank you to all those who signed up to help us test out Wehl and make improvements. We are forever grateful for your feedback and enthusiasm.

Our friends, mentors and advisors: We want to thank everyone who has supported Wehl in the journey so far in varying capacities from research assistance, to interview and survey completion, to consultation and cheerleading. We’re grateful to each person who has contributed to us making steps towards achieving our mission!

Our photographer: We're grateful for the talents of Kristen Wilson who helps provide original photography that represents our focus on "real-life wehlness".

Our real-life wehlness models: Andrew, Annabella, Brendan, Chris, Danielle, Dave, Eliot, Graham, Hanh, Jen, Josh, Karen, Khanh, Lisa, Marty, Matt, Michelle, Nadya, Owen, Sebastian, Sidney, Thoma, Violet 

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Wehl!

We’re building Wehl for and with our community. We’re grateful for all of the feedback and positivity we’ve received so far. Our goal is to continue to listen to you, our members, and keep improving this platform based on your suggestions, needs and pursuits. Please head to our Contact Us page anytime to fill in the form with your ideas. You can also provide feedback via email.

Spread the word
We want to have a wide reach and help others live healthier lives and feel their best.  We believe Wehl is a great place to design your wellness journey and get support along the way. If you know people who are interested in improving their wellness, please tell them about the support they can get by joining Wehl.

Share your talents
If you are interested in sharing your talents with us, send us an email and tell us about how you would like to get involved. We love working with people and organizations who share our mission and are passionate about wellness!