Wehl Community Manifesto

Wehl is a community of people who want to take a more natural, holistic and balanced approach to wellness. At Wehl, community means that we’re a diverse group of people with different circumstances, experiences, challenges and goals yet we share the same common mission – to improve our personal wellness and to help others improve. We celebrate our individual uniqueness while we focus on what unites us as a community. We believe that wellness means different things to different people. It’s about focusing on all of the components, whatever they mean to you.

Given that this is a wellness community, we don’t feel the need for community rules here. Rather, wellness is the guideline and the way we operate. We can sum up our behavior in the following statement:

We endeavor to always treat and accept others the way we would like to be treated and accepted. This means that our conduct and content will be respectful of others in their pursuit of wehlness no matter how similar or different the pursuit is.

Articulating a framework, or foundation of sorts, can help us understand more about what our Wehl community is all about in order to live out our mission. What follows is an expansion on the statement above … a few “details” about how we roll here at Wehl!

Wehl is a place to…

  • Make Friends – Get to know each other, learn from each other, and inspire each other daily. Wellness is a lifelong process and we need friends to journey with us.
  • Cooperate – We’re a community focused on cooperating, helping each other through the ups and downs and co-existing peacefully. We don’t mind some healthy competition now and again but we’re all on the same team here and cooperation is the name of the game.
  • Give and Receive – We want to give inspiration, encouragement and information to others even more than we receive it. We can each offer support and make unique contributions no matter where we’re at in our wellness journey.
  • Embrace and Improve Yourself – We’re all unique. We have unique bodies, experiences, challenges, goals, and environments so while there are numerous wellness tips that apply to us all, for the finer details, we each have to figure out what works for us! We can learn new bits and pieces from others, experiment, listen to our bodies and settle on what fits us best! We’ve got to remember to take it easy on ourselves when we experience setbacks or don’t make the best choices. And of course, just like apples and oranges, we can’t compare ourselves to others. We want to practice self-love and own our wellness. We want to embrace our journey, wherever we’re at, regardless of wherever others are at.
  • Be Real, Not Perfect – There is no such thing as perfect when it comes to wellness. We all have more to learn and room to grow. We want to focus on balance and making small, sustainable changes. Our successes and our failures are part of #reallife and are both things we can be proud of because they make us better versions of ourselves if we let them. We don’t all live reality-show entertaining lives either. Our normal, everyday life is what we want to share. Edit the photos or don’t – sometimes life is glamourous and sometimes not so much.
  • Focus on the Positive – You know the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” We don’t deny the challenges of life here but we do try to dig deep and choose to look for the positives so we can make the best-tasting lemonade possible. We don’t pretend that life is all flowers and rainbows. We just use good judgement and think about how our content may affect others’ wellness.
  • Move on – Sometimes people can be (purposely but more often accidently) mean or sometimes life doesn’t go our way. Negativity, in its various forms, isn’t good for our wellness nor is it good for others to see. Of course, Wehl isn’t the place for rants and dwelling on it. So, we try to “Let it go” (Frozen-style) or “Shake it off” (a la Taylor Swift) and help each other get back on track!   
  • Stay Open – to change, to new ideas, to new people, to new…
  • Have a Healthy Debate – All opinions, knowledge levels, education backgrounds and real-life experiences have merit in helping us make informed decisions about wellness because a lot about wellness is not clear cut. That’s why we’re here – to voice opinions and experiences while respecting others’ opinions and experiences. We act like it’s a stimulating in-person discussion over tea and agree to disagree whenever necessary.
  • Develop Healthy Online Habits
    • Time – While we want to participate regularly in our community, we actually don’t want to be on Wehl all the time! That would go against the well living we are hoping to foster! We want to encourage time offline to live out our wellness, enhance in-person relationships and generally engage meaningfully in life. So, we stop by, get inspired by new ideas, encourage someone who shared something we’ve appreciated, make a post to let others know what has been helpful lately and then get offline to live in the moment and enjoy life!
    • Sharing – What is posted is public, so we keep this in mind whenever we’re posting.
  • Make Wehlness Fun – Let’s show our personalities, be creative, be funny, be ourselves. Let’s recharge with fun, cooperative energy and inspiration whenever we’re on Wehl.

 We remember that Wehl is not a place to…

  • Offer specific professional medical, health or wellness advice to individuals
  • Advertise, sell or promote Multi-level Marketing (MLM) or Pharmaceutical products or services
  • Have poor behavior of any kind (e.g. Use bad language, Be unkind, judgmental, etc. etc.)
  • Do anything contrary to our Terms of Use

Thanks for helping us make Wehl an inspiring place! 

This Manifesto was created in consultation with our community and will continually be reviewed and updated according to community feedback and the evolution of Wehl. Please check back periodically.

We reserve the right to remove (or request that you remove) any posts that violate the above statements. If you see something that concerns you, please feel free to bring it to the attention of the Wehl team, by emailing us at [email protected].

Date of Last Revision: June 6, 2018